Server Management

At Addifi, our server management services include keeping tabs on remote web servers and centralizing data about server performance in an easy to understand format. We manage the performance of a large number of network servers to keep them running smoothly and allows businesses to focus on their core competencies.

Website Design

At Addifi, we provide custom design solutions for the production of websites, including web graphic design, interface design, standardized code, and user experience design. Our team comprises of experienced designers and developers who ensure that our designs are browser friendly and responsive to all devices.

CMS Development

At Addifi, we develop custom content management systems that enable companies to publish, edit and modify content on their websites without having to hire staff to manage their online presence. Our CMS solutions allow easier access control, scalable expansion, web standard upgrades and document management. We also develop site son existing CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla.


Effective search engine optimization is a key part of any successful website promotion strategy and an area in which we excel. Our SEO specialists consistently achieve top rankings for our client websites across major search engines, targeting keywords and phrases that consumers are most likely to use when searching online.


The pay-per-click, more commonly called cost per click, internet advertising model is one that we specialize in optimizing to effectively increase directed traffic to website. Our services includes detailed keyword analysis and bidding to maximize the visibility, reach and success of online banner advertisements.

Web Analytics

Our web analytics services benefit businesses by providing effective tools for market research to assess and improve the effectiveness of their online presence and digital media campaigns. Apart from measuring the performance of commercial websites, we provide data which is used for improving marketing campaigns and audience responses.

Digital Strategy

We build and execute custom digital media strategies that sync with organizational goals and initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits and brand online equity. At Addifi, our process for developing a digital strategy focuses on online presence, influence, perception, virality and resonance.

Digital Media Planning

Our digital media planning expertise enables us to maximize the impact of any budget. At Addifi, we work closely with clients to determine the optimum media mix for their brands, effective placement methods, media campaign strategy, implementation plans and ROI projections.

Digital Media Buying

At Addifi, our digital media buying experts connect businesses with target audiences by mapping online behaviors, then building and executing a custom digital media buying strategy that connects businesses with consumers. Our buying process is focused on transparent, real-time biddable media and audience targeting, all aimed at increasing efficiency.